April 17, 2015

FURUGISTAR is holding a SPRING SALE! right now.

purple kimono with sakura and LOGO

With 25% off almost everything in store, there are plenty of bargains to be had.

Huge discounts apply to the much sought after boro textiles. Don’t miss them!

March Sale 2015 Collage

This year, there is a wider selection of vintage kimono. All are ready to wear.

Kimono are also a fantastic source of artisan made fabrics. Each original and of exceptional quality.

warm tone kimono Collage

Don’t forget the other curious items section of the store where you can find great gifts and home decor that you can’t find anywhere else.

blog oct 2014

No coupon is required. All discounts already applied so you are good to go. Happy shopping!



February 6, 2015

All zoukin are in the sale at 25% off! 

For more information on these collectable textiles, see my recent post.

Start shopping now, at furugistar!

zokin 2014

Autumn (秋 aki) is here and with all the rich colours of the season to inspire you, my theme is the blank canvas.

I would like to inspire your projects with some original blank canvases and share my favourite new picks of FurugiStar this month.

I have been lucky enough to find a number of antique, hand made, undyed Japanese textiles just waiting to be transformed.

Blank Canvas Textiles

I have many colourful sashiko zokin*, but these ones are raw and ready to be dyed in the colour of your choice or perhaps painted with a design.

*Zokin are hand made Japanese floor cloths. They are collectible due to the hand sashiko stitching.

Undyed Zokin

Thick, hand spun, hand loomed cotton is used to line obi. Here I have a vintage roll of this textured fabric. Quite substantial, this would make a great wall hanging or table runner.


Undyed Obi Lining


Undyed Obi Lining

Looking for something lighter? I absolutely love this hand loomed silk. The texture is wonderful and is offset by a shimmery sheen. Very high quality, light fabric that would have been used as lining of perhaps light juban. I have a large amount of this if you are looking to make a full garment or noren curtain.


Undyed Hand Loomed Silk

At the end for original bolt, the hand written kanji shows the details of the maker.


Undyed Hand Loomed Silk


Undyed Hand Loomed Silk

All of these fabrics have an interesting history and original texture that would provide a great story for your project. Find these fabrics and many others with equally interesting stories at FurugiStar.

Between Two Storms

October 9, 2014

After having my head down working for a month at FurugiStar, I have looked up to find I am sitting in Tokyo between two of the biggest typhoons on earth this year.

After all the hype, I was a little let down by last week’s typhoon. Let’s hope next weekend the storm has a little more omph! (Not too much, mind).

PicMonkey Collage

Stormy Seas Shibori Haori

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Kagasuri Boro Textile

May 15, 2014

Antique Japanese boro textile. It roughly dates back to Taisho era. (1900s). This is a wonderful example of Japanese peasant folk textiles. Available to buy now at FurugiStar.
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April 29, 2014


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Sashiko Aizome Boro.

December 18, 2013

Dating back to the Meiji era, this Japanese indigo textile is over 100 years old.

Front and back

Two layers of wonderfully soft, hand loomed cotton are bound together with sashiko stitching. The irregular lines make for a more interesting pattern.

Hand dyed with natural indigo, the light shade of blue complements the soft texture.


A rare and highly collectable textile.

It would make a great wall hanging or table runner.


This is typical of a Japanese domestic, utilitarian textile known as boro. It is unclear how this would have been used. However, it was likely once part of a garment such as a kimono. Such high quality cotton was never thrown away and always reused around the home.

This textile is for sale in FurugiStar.

To learn more about boro textiles, take a look at my other blog:
FurugiStar Japan


Cheap versatile fabric full of vintage charm. 

Tenugui are used by Japanese in many different ways. They are handkerchiefs, bandanas, furoshiki wrapping cloths, hand towels, and much more. I often find vintage tenugui has been used as lining in the haori jackets I find and sometimes inside home made obi.


Companies utilise them for promotion, too. These vintage tenugui have various designs together with kanji or kamon symbols representing the companies.

A few of my personal favourites:




How would you use one?

Find these for sale in FurugiStar.

Japanese Scroll Textile Hanger.

Some fabrics are just too beautiful to alter or incorporate into projects. This hanger allows you to mount light weight textiles simply by inserting the fabric between the two halves of the pole and tying each end.


This is perfect for the kind of antique Japanese indigo textiles I sell in FurugiStar. Textiles up to a width of up to 38cm (15 inches) can be displayed. This allows for any traditional Japanese fabric in it’s original width. Of course, up to any length. The pole attaches to the bottom in the same way to provide a light weight holding the fabric in place.


When not is use, scroll it up and store it safely. No creases.

This is suitable for lighter fabrics. Also, paper.

Available to buy in FurugiStar. Receive 50% off the hanger if bought with a textile over ¥3,000.

Boro Textile

November 3, 2013

Large antique Japanese boro quilt full of texture and antique charm. The front ikat fabric is light, soft and feathery with age. 


The back is covered with boro patches of various indigo cotton scraps. Each piece, high quality, likely hand loomed.



A careworn textile that was handmade and repaired over many years in a Japanese home. Perhaps it was used as a blanket or part of a futon cover.



Find it here in FurugiStar.


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