Meiji era, over 100 years old. This reversible

July 1, 2013


Sashiko Quilt with Katazome

Meiji era, over 100 years old. This reversible quilted textile is just full of antique Japanese collectable cotton. Available to buy at FurugiStar.

One side is made up of panels of hand loomed katazome* cotton. The katazome stenciled floral pattern depicts traditional chrysanthemums.


The other side is hand loomed kasuri (ikat) cotton dyed with botanical dyes derived from tea and other plants. 


The cotton is worn and delicate over some areas but this has been expertly reinforced with sashiko stitching.


Other cottons have been layered within, including high quality aizome which is revealed at some of the more delicate areas. There are a number of boro patches across the textile and some dark parts and stains. 




This is an excellent example of Japanese boro** folk textiles. This may have been intended as a rug. 

133cm X 125cm

*Katazome is a traditional Japanese resist dye technique. A stencil, known as kata, is used to apply a flour and water paste before dipping. These textiles were made by hand from scratch. The weaving, stenciling, dying and often the spinning of the cotton was all done 
by hand by the artisan. Natural botanical dyes were used, indigo being the most common. 


Take a look at the other katazome available at FurugiStar

Antique indigo textiles, such as this, are typical of 19th / early 20th century Japanese utilitarian textiles. They would have been used to make domestic items such as futon covers. They are highly regarded and collected within Japan and across the world.

**For more information on boro textiles, look at my blog post:


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