Kagasuri Boro Textile

May 15, 2014

Antique Japanese boro textile. It roughly dates back to Taisho era. (1900s). This is a wonderful example of Japanese peasant folk textiles. Available to buy now at FurugiStar.


Kagasuri indigo cotton. Ka (mosquito) gasuri (usually kasuri, meaning ikat). This translates as mosquito ikat and the term refers to the tiny cross shapes woven into the fabric which are the size of mosquitos. 


This is a very high quality artisan made fabric. Natural indigo, hand woven ikat cotton. 


The fabric was likely once a kimono or similar garment. It has been hand sewn at home, to make a useful household textile. Image

The small boxed text contains kanji for Edoko. This is a phrase referring to a native of Tokyo (Edo being the old name and ko the word for child). The connotation is that the person would be from downtown Tokyo, the more traditional / working class area. The main text contains a phrase that refers to being proud of the view of one’s hometown. 

The text is very difficult for the average Japanese to read as it is old language. It is a fragment with no context. However, it is likely to have come from a textile used to advertise a product or company. Perhaps a tenugui or something of that sort. 




So full of character and expert hand stitching, this would make a wonderful table cloth, throw over furniture, curtain or wall hanging. Ready to be incorporated into your project. 

For sale here in the FurugiStar store.


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