Between Two Storms

October 9, 2014

After having my head down working for a month at FurugiStar, I have looked up to find I am sitting in Tokyo between two of the biggest typhoons on earth this year.

After all the hype, I was a little let down by last week’s typhoon. Let’s hope next weekend the storm has a little more omph! (Not too much, mind).

PicMonkey Collage

Stormy Seas Shibori Haori

All this has temporarily slowed my progress as far as sourcing and photography go, but allows me a well earned sit down.

There is nothing quite like working to the sounds of a typhoon while safely tucked up indoors behind your desk.


Stormy Seas Shibori Haori

The shibori haori above, washed with stormy seas, reminds me of the most famous of Hokkusai’s 100 views of Fuji. Let’s hope the waves are as beautiful, but not as big, when Vongfong finally arrives.

So, many new items are in store for the coming busy season. And, lots more to come. The main theme, of course, will be indigo artisan folk textiles.

Although, I can’t help digging through racks of vintage haori to find light and airy jackets that have become so popular in Western fashion these days.

My favourite at the moment would be this sheer black haori with a simple, sophisticated kamon on the the back.

PicMonkey Collage

Subtle Sophistication

This would coordinate so easily with your festive evening wear.

May I mention the ‘C’ word? Too soon? Christmas is coming and there are also plenty of gift ideas in store.

There is still time to contact me if there are any Japanese textiles or gifts not listed at the moment.

blog oct 2014

Antique Charm

Who can resist the traditional kokeshi doll. Full of enigmatic charm, this is an original gift for the culturally curious. Do you know the story behind them?


Well, on to the main theme. Let’s start with tsutsugaki, which is always exciting to find. These two striking examples would make a strong focal point in your home decor.


Yabane Kamon Furoshiki

Both of these textiles are artisan made furoshiki made with hand loomed cotton.

Nori (rice paste) was applied by hand before dipping in natural indigo dye.

The name of the the original owner is written on the corner of each one.

The dark blue design is a yabane kamon. This is a family crest featuring the feathers of a bow. The green design is a tsuta kamon featuring ivy.


Tsuta Kamon Furoshiki

Often FurugiStar is full of indigo blue, and why not?! But I can never resist indigo greens.

These Meiji era plates are particularly rare in green and coordinate so well.

indigo green

Green Geometry

I have been lucky enough to find a large batch of zokin. I have so many variations. I still haven’t managed to list them all. My favourites would have to be the simple, faded shades of blue and green indigo.

zokin 2014

Sashiko Stitched Zokin Cloths

The best example of Japanese boro in stock at the moment would be this amazing piece.


Japanese Boro Folk Textile


Japanese Boro Folk Textile

Perfect as a wall hanging or throw over furniture. Precious cotton scraps were gathered and sewn together to make this textile, which was most likely once part of a futon cover.

I will be using the next couple of days to source as much as possible before the moody clouds set in again. I can’t wait for the fresh blue skies to come. Perhaps it will being Japan’s crispy clean autumn, too.

So, finally, I would like to share the love on Etsy with a typhoon-inspired treasury.

‘Romance in the Storm’ by FurugiStar

Roving – Blended tops – meri…


Mens Lapel double breasted w…


Pewter Hurricane Lamp. Vinta…


Thunder and lightning storm …


Storm Clouds photograph Digi…




Navy Blue Coat Big Sweep Wom…


Cyclone, Funnel Cloud, Torna…


Life Isn’t About Waiting…


Lustful Souls Infernal Hurri…


RESERVED for Lynda =========…


Large Indigo Furoshiki. Japa…


Original Duvet Cover, Storm …


Resin ring. Dark Blue gray ….


Sun Beams Storm Clouds Ocean…


Custom Civil War Victorian C…


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